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December Campaign


This December we're asking for your support. 

You might not think of winter as a season of growth, but with your help, we can grow our impact and make 2020 our biggest year yet.

Over the last 3 years, we've been proud to help an average of 77 youth per year but we know that together, we can do more. 

Will you help us reach even more youth in 2020? 


Only $11,840 Left Until We Reach Our Goal

Donations Support Programs Like:

Graduation Assistance

Career Coaching


Your $25.00 donation can provide Graduation Assistance for up to 2 youth. 

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Youth Impacted

"Step It Up helped me believe in myself. I know this program can do great things for our youth. I'm living proof of it."




Job Training


Career Coaching

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Career Coaching



We love the Step it Up podcasting progra

What are teachers saying about Step It Up? 


Together, we can build a movement that will impact the lives of young people across Portland.


For the last few years, we’ve been proud to help an average of 77 youth per year -- on an extremely small budget, 1 part-time staff, and a handful of dedicated volunteers. But we believe that we can do more.

This fall, we were asked to participate in several new activities. 

A drama teacher reached out to us about podcasting with her students,

an art teacher wants us to teach a week-long intensive, and a career coordinator talked with us about organizing a new training for parents of high school students who are applying for college. The community is responding to our innovative programs with so much enthusiasm, but without your support, we won't have the resources we need to expand.

Will you commit to giving to Step It Up this winter so that 2020 will be a year of growth? Your one-time or monthly gift will have an exponential impact on our community's young people!

Join us this holiday season,  to help us in do more for the youth of Portland. 


Will you help us grow? 



youth served


resumes developed 


youth completed graduation requirements




Support youth year-round by joining our Monthly Giving Program. Your support means more youth will be impacted.


  • More youth will graduate from high school

  • More kids will find their voice through podcasting

  •  More students will get into university. 

Become one of our passionate monthly donors on a mission to support young people in our city. 

Your $60.00 monthly donation can provide 1 month of snacks to kids in our programs.  

Your $20.00 monthly donation can provide 1-month podcast hosting.  

Your $25.00 monthly donation can provide Graduation Assistance for up to 2 youth. 

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