What's A Personal Brand?


In today’s world participating in a lot of extracurricular activities and doing well in school doesn't guarantee that students will get into that university they love, or even get an interview for that job they want. The Internet has changed the way employers and universities look at prospects. It’s no longer just about what you do its also about your online and offline reputation.

One tool we discovered to help students stand out from the crowd is Personal Branding.

So what is a Personal Brand?

Put simply, your brand is your reputation. It’s about connecting who you are with what you do. Developing a clear brand will help create a memorable experience for those you interact with.

Each week we work with students to take them through a Personal Branding exercise. It requires students to be clear on what they want to achieve. It’s their opportunity to learn more about their individual strengths and interests. These insights are then used to help them achieve their personal and career goals.

What’s your personal brand?

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