3 ways to Spread Holiday Cheer

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We are in the middle of a campaign to fundraise $1,200 for the holidays. We are wearing Ugly Christmas Sweaters for 12 full days or until we raise the full amount, and 7 days in we are 1/3 of the way there!

Over the last week we have been blown away by your generosity. Our staff have had strangers approach us while buying groceries, receptionists laugh at us, and old friends reach out tell us that we have inspired them. In short, we have been able to spread lot's of holiday cheer.

In the spirit of giving back we decided to take a moment and to give you 3 simple tips on how to spread some holiday cheer for yourself this season.

Handwrite a Letter

For the most part letterwriting has gone by the wayside. It takes time to sit down and actually write out your well wishes. This year spend a few moments writing out a letter or two for people that you might have lost touch with. Let them know that you are thinking about them and that you wish them the best in the following year. You'll be glad you did.

Buy Coffee for a Stranger

We've all heard about people doing things like buying food for the next person in line, but how many of us have actually taken the time to make it happen? Chances are you've been thinking about it for quite some time so why don't you just go ahead and make it happen.

Donate to a Non-Profit Organization (and while you're at it...why not make it Step It Up?)

Okay, you knew we had to place this in here somehwere. The holidays are about sharing, giving back, and making memories. Making life easier for someone else is the perfect way to do all of those things. If you are already giving to an organization then give a little extra. If you are looking for a place to give--we know some sweater-clad people who could put your money to good use.

We hope these tips are helpful. May you all have a Happy Holiday Season!

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