I'm Really Frustrated

“I’m really frustrated!” she shouted out from the back of the room. The rest of the class stopped to look, and then turned to the instructor to see what was going to happen next.

“I’m sorry, can you tell me more about the problem you are having? I’d love to help you,” said the instructor.

“I just thought that it was going to be easier.”

The instructor paused… thought for a moment, and then said; “I think we can help you with that. Levi, will you help Karen with some one-on-one resume assistance?”

This is how I met Karen. She started working her resume weeks ago. After toiling over it with input from friends and family she decided to sign up to for our resume workshop at the Holgate Library.

Karen and I began working through her resume, and you could tell that she was feeling the pressure of trying to find a job. You could also tell that she needed a confidence boost. I did my best to ease her concerns, answer her questions, and tell her about all of the things she had already done right. We made some changes to her resume—some small, some big. We talked; we got to know one another. I found out that Karen has dreams of becoming a Dental Assistant. In the end, we went over the time we had scheduled for our workshop. We stayed an extra 40 minutes but Karen left the library with a nicely formatted resume.

I wish the best for Karen, as I do with all of our students. I hope I run into her again someday, and I hope it’s in a dentist office.

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